I only got the see the ending of the movie and therefore I can not answer the questions as good as in if I had seen the entire movie.

8. Give two examples of how other elements of the cinematic art, such as shot framing, camera angles, camera movement, color, editing choice, or length of take were used by the filmmakers to get their point across.

  • From what I could see the movie used music as a element to effect the feeling of the situations in the movie a lot. For example the movie used all types of dramatic music all though to press on the feelings of the viewers. This gave me a chillin or anxious feeling which is what all viewers should get based on the serious cause this movie represented. In one scene they have children singing a Christmas song while one of the writers walks by and I think this was a strong scene because it shows the purity of children and as well shows the writers emotions and seeing him feeling hurt over the whole situation.
  • The movie used as well dark lighting to give a bit of the scary, dramatic reality feeling. For example in a dialogue they used a dark lighting so it was even a bit hard to see the characters. This gives a contrast from light lighting. If they had used very light and white backgrounds this had maybe not given the same emotions for the viewers.

9. The lesson the viewers can get from this movie is that not all publishers just post what they hear there is a difference from journalism and investigating journalism there they often very hard work beyond it and it can both be life threatening and difficult to succeed with. Going out with something that is wrong is always important, but researching can be just as important if you want to make a solid point and reach out to all the readers. The importance of publishing can affect friends and family and is therefore important of divided business life and personal life and knowing the cause if you are going to expose someone there will be consequences for them.


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