Media Literacy

What does media literacy mean?

  • Literacy means the ability to read and write and with media literacy means the ability to identify different types of media and understand the messages they’re sending. As well as analyze the news you are reading and understanding the statement.


Why so important?

  • Being able to understanding the text you are being delivered is important because you than will being able to divide real news and fake news and as well understanding the news.  There is daily fake news being delivered on social media platform such as facebook, this can be as small as “Trump is 14 years old” or as big as “Trump is planing world war three” which can make an chaotic reaction. Some news are easy to spot out as fake and some can be so legit that make it believable.


Should we work more on this in school? How?

  • We should definitely learn more on this topic at school since it has just a such an affect on reality, for example voting for presidency. Having fake new promoting how bad the representations are can change peoples minds in voting and have the affect on something as important as in who has the power. It can be as easy as in talking 15 minutes a day in class about the world topic and then students will learn about the world news and as well learn how to separate fake news and real news.

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